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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Slammed for Neglecting Wives Ahead of New Season

by Iyzklez
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Sister Wives star Kody Brown remains quiet online as fans of the TLC show lambast the husband of four ahead of the new season. With Sister Wives Season 14 premiere just a little over a month away it seems publicity comes in several forms these days. So as the new season nears, both old and new rumors spin online.

This Sister Wives chatter about Kody Brown and his wives seems to work at gathering an audience. So these rumors tend to act as publicity, whether they’re meant to or not. They also add credence to the saying that even bad publicity is good publicity. The possibility of rumors being purposely planted ahead of the new season emerged several times from fans in recent posts. Some Sister Wives enthusiasts suggest these rumors serve a purpose – free advertising for Season14.

Sister Wives: Reality Spins Ahead of Season 14?

Recent rumors put Meri Brown ready to fly the coop and Kody Brown picking up a fifth wife. But is any of this reality-based? For some fans, it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. Once the rumor suggesting Kody has a secret fifth wife surfaced for the umpteenth time, some fans got right on this.

Fans shamed Papa Brown online for allegedly not taking care of the four wives he already has, never mind the thought of taking on wife number five. Sister Wives previews of the new season put Kody Brown both financially and emotionally strapped with four wives in his plural marriage.

The TLC previews suggest money problems for Kody when the new season of Sister Wives rolls out. The previews also indicate Kody Brown is in therapy with Meri Brown. This is an attempt to mend their marriage, according to the previews.

So fans can’t fathom the thought of adding yet another mouth for Kody Brown to feed. That’s because it’s not only food involved. A new wife means another house to buy and furnish. Not to mention another expensive vehicle. He would need these things to keep another woman living in the same style as his other four wives.

But this is only a rumor and it’s quite coincidental that a photo of the alleged fifth wife popped up online ahead of a new season. It seems to be the same woman who’s risen from the depths of social media before but never materialized in real life.

While veteran Sister Wives viewers tend to squash this as nothing but a rumor, it doesn’t stop the fans from giving Kody a piece of their mine.

Kody Brown Publicity Tactics?

For a show that’s supposedly based in reality, the transparency isn’t what it once was. It seems it gets harder for the fans to decipher what is real and what is not with Kody Brown and family. One example of this comes from the hiatus between the last season and the new one coming.

The Sister Wives spouses didn’t appear together online in posts over the past few months. Assumptions swirled and Kody’s wife Meri fed the fire with plenty of fuel. Much of this kindling wood came in the form of cryptic messages on severing relationships, branching out alone and her latest, which says she’s practicing ‘non-attachment”.

Only three of the five adults who make up this Sister Wives plural marriage had a frequent online presence. Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seemed to take a hiatus from their sites on social media. Although Kody tweeted a few times, it really had nothing to do with the family. But he did manage a tweet about his hair.

Sister Wives: Fans See What They Want Them to See?

Meri Brown offers daily messages to her Sister Wives followers. Christine Brown and Janelle Brown seem to post less frequently than the Sister Wives matriarch. But what Meri, Janelle, and Christine do post seems to offer some insight into the family or does it?

Meri Brown has spent the better part of this season’s hiatus demonstrating what looks like newfound independence. She also posted plenty of cryptic messages with her posts. This did nothing more than leave the fans with plenty of room to assume. So, many assumed she went solo.

Once the official word came down from TLC that a new season will happen and soon, it seems that solo-act got a bit murky. Recently Meri showed up in Christine’s posts with the other three Sister Wives women and Kody Brown. So suddenly it looks as if nothing changed and Meri remains a full-fledged Sister Wives spouse. Or is she?

Is this a Family Dinner or Is it Drinks During a Board Meeting?

Some fans suggest all the online spinning has more to do with bringing in a paycheck than it does about the reality of the Sister Wives lives. What do you see in the picture above? It is one of the latest posts from Christine Brown. This comes on the heels of Meri Brown seeming to fly solo these days.

Maybe there’s a different way to decipher this family portrait. So is this Kody Brown with the four women he loves? Or… is this more like a boardroom meeting ahead of the release of Season 14? While many fans detest Kody Brown just because he has four wives, others acknowledge his success with his publicity tactics.

Maybe this new photo depicts a meeting between the Sister Wives husband and four wives more so than a family dinner. Possibly they used this setting to decide the strategy to use during the next month, which leads up to the new season debut. They might have decided to share this picture online while sitting around this table.

So as fans blast Kody today for the possibility of a fifth wife, it looks as if the rumor did offer a ton of more publicity ahead of the season. Chances are Kody Brown and his four wives are all fans will ever get, it’s got folks talking and the Sister Wives brood in the headlines.

Season 14 of Sister Wives debuts Sunday night, January 5, 2020, on TLC.

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