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‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Used Cutting Edge Lipo Treatment To Help With Insane Body

by Iyzklez
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Teresa Guidice stunned in this bikini while vacationing in Jamaica, but it turns out, she had a little help from a modern technique used in the liposuction world.

The ‘RHONJ’ star either forgot to mention it or decided to leave it out of her post from the trip, but a representative for the company posted the details on social media.

“Teresa Guidice looks fabulous here! My client Elite Body Sculpture provided her Air Sculpt on her upper and lower abs, waist and hips on Sept. 6,” the publicist wrote.

Just A Little Nip and Tuck…

The statement was in response to a news organization’s post online promoting the trip and a group of photos the reality star posted on Instagram.

“Hmmm, this was not mentioned in the piece but if any of want the real “Skinny” pun intended. I got it! And it’s not shady or weird, she’s signed off on all of this knowing it’s a press exchange,” she said.

The rep ended with a little holiday cheer and reminded everyone the company does more than just liposuction of the stomach. “Gobble gobble (and if you have one under your chin-we can remove that for you too!) No stitches, no anesthesia, no downtime, no pain.”

‘RHONJ’ Star Gets A Little AirSculpt

What exactly is ‘AirSculpt’ you ask?

According to the companies website, it is a “patented procedure developed by Aaron Rollins, M.D., founder of Elite Body Sculpture and cosmetic specialist in Beverly Hills. Rollins saw the need for a minimally invasive, virtually painless alternative to traditional fat removal procedures. He wanted to remove the fear and pain of fat removal by creating a technically advanced treatment delivered in a relaxed atmosphere. Today, the AirSculpt procedure has been performed over 25,000 times.”

The procedure is interesting and differs a bit from the normal lipo surgeries. “Unlike liposuction which scrapes away unwanted fat with a tube resembling a cheese grater, patented AirSculpt technology removes fat cell-by-cell through a freckle-sized hole while simultaneously tightening your skin,” the site explains.

Rock Hard Body!

Apparently, there is minimal scarring after the treatment which is most people’s issue with liposuction.

“Fat is removed through an opening that’s smaller than a pencil eraser. As the site heals, it leaves a mark similar to a freckle or natural skin blemish, instead of a noticeable surgical scar with tell-tale suture marks. No stitches means no need for a surgeon’s visit to have them removed. Instead, the entry site is left open to heal naturally and swelling can leave your body for faster healing,” the company says.

Trip To Paradise!

The 47-year-old reality star joined her castmates on a trip to Jamacia and the drama-filled days were call captured by reality show cameras. The trip to Jamaica was to celebrate Jennifer Aydin’s birthday.

During the trip, tensions rose between Teresa and Margaret when the latter made a joke about Teresa’s time in prison and her allegedly dating a much younger man.

Either way, let’s be honest, she looks amazing. And if all it takes for us to look like this is a little nip and tuck (or a bit of lipo)…so be it!

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