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Prince Charles and Camilla split: Why did Duchess return to UK as Charles continued tour?

by Iyzklez
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Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall went their separate ways yesterday (Saturday, November 23) following a five-day tour of New Zealand. The couple were all smiles throughout the successful trip during which they met state leaders and visited community organisations. They spent their final day together in Christchurch before Camilla returned to Britain.

Why did Camilla and Prince Charles part ways?

A Clarence House statement about the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s New Zealand trip stated the following: “At the end of the tour of New Zealand, The Duchess will return to the UK.”

“The Prince will travel on to Tuvalu where he will receive an official welcome and attend a reception.

“His Royal Highness’ programme will focus on environmental issues and how local communities are responding to climate change.”

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The statement added: “The Prince will also meet with young people to hear about the positive contributions they are making to the climate change debate.

“His Royal Highness will conclude the tour with a visit to the Solomon Islands.

“This will be The Prince of Wales’ first visit to the Solomon Islands.

“His Royal Highness will attend a public engagement, which will focus on ocean preservation and climate change.

“The Prince will also spend time learning about sustainable fisheries management in the Pacific Ocean.”

While the palace has not confirmed why Camilla has not accompanied Charles on the next leg of the tour, The Duchess has previously opened up about her fear of flying.

Camilla is reported to have mentioned her fear of flying during a visit to ITV’s This Morning’s studios.

She had received an offer for help with her phobia from the Speakmans, a husband and wife team on This Morning who help people get over their fears.

The journey from New Zealand to Tuvula and the Solomon Islands takes around 20 hours in an aeroplane and may have been something the Duchess did not feel up to.

However, Camilla did recently overcome her fear of flying to join Prince Charles for his birthday in India.

She made the trip just days after she had to cancel royal engagements due to a chest infection.

Ahead of the India trip, a Clarence House spokesman said: “She decided a few weeks ago to firm up her plans.

“We were always looking at the Duchess coming. There are no health reasons.

“She is as fit as a flea.

“The Duchess does not like flying but I think she sometimes has to embrace that fear and get on with it.”

Prince Charles will return to the UK and be reunited with Camilla later next week.

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