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‘Life After Lockup’: Sharp Entertainment Exploiting Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady?

by Iyzklez
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Life After Lockup cast members Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady are on another new season of the WE tv show. The cast for the brand new installment was just released. And, the new season features familiar faces Life After Lockup fans will recognize. But, is Sharp Entertainment exploiting Clint and Tracie for views?

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman on New Season

The stars for the brand new installment of Life After Lockup were just revealed. Clint Brady and wife Tracie Wagaman are confirmed to be back. Spoiler promos show Tracie in tears behind bars. And, it looks like the brand new season picks up right around the time of her recent arrest for possession of a controlled substance. There’s a lot of drama surrounding this couple. And, that makes them an easy choice to bring in views and boost ratings.

Both Tracie Wagaman and husband Clint Brady came clean about using drugs publicly. And, there’s a good chance revenue generated from Love After Lockup went toward funding their drug habit. Meanwhile, putting them in front of the Life After Lockup cameras again means more viewers and more dollars in the end. But, is Sharp Entertainment knowingly rewarding bad behavior?

Life After Lockup: Tracie and Clint – Before and After

Both Clint Brady and his goddess Tracie Wagaman have changed drastically since their first appearance on Love After Lockup. And, many Life After Lockup viewers feel they’ve changed for the worse. Even before either of them admitted to their drug use publicly, followers noted their change in appearance. Both dropped weight and took on a gaunt appearance.

Meanwhile, this is a drastic change compared to how they looked in the first season of Love After Lockup. Clint Brady had a stable job and Tracie had a healthy amount of weight on her when she was released. Love After Lockup watchers saw Clint Brady spend more than he wanted to in those first few days together. And, Tracie took the rental car and ditched him in the hotel. In many ways, things have continued to go downhill ever since.

Clint Brady lost his hotel job and started working for his parents. Meanwhile, Tracie Wagaman lost all her weight post-prison and admitted to using drugs. She put a lot of items up for sale online. And, many Life After Lockup followers speculated it was to pay for her habit. In addition, police picked up Tracie Wagaman a few times since her initial release on the first season of the show. And, she still has pending charges from her most recent trouble with the law.

Check out the slideshow below to see how the pair have changed:

Are They in Danger?

Certainly, Clint and Tracie are a big draw for WE tv and Sharp Entertainment. Drama seems to follow them both on and off-camera. And, bringing them back for more content is a sure way to attract viewers. But, many Life After Lockup watchers see this as rewarding bad behavior. And, there is concern among fans regarding how far they may be willing to go to keep this up.

Clint Brady recently outed Tracie Wagaman for going to score drugs and even admitted to his own use. Split chatter surrounds this pair often. But, they said they’re working things out. This is in addition to Tracie talking about terminating a pregnancy. Certainly, this twosome seem to be a magnet for drama. And, it appears that as long as that’s the case, WE tv cameras will be there to capture it.

Catch the all-new season of Life After Lockup, January 3 exclusively on WE tv.

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