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‘Counting On’: Abbie and John David Duggar Share Post-Pregnancy Plans – Not Your Typical Duggar Wife

by Iyzklez
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Counting On couple John David Duggar and his wife Abbie Burnett Duggar are just a few weeks away from welcoming their first child. The newlyweds just celebrated their first wedding anniversary earlier this month. It’s been a whirlwind year for them. So, as the arrival of their daughter gets closer. the couple shares with family, fans, and followers their post-pregnancy plans for Abbie. And let’s just say, Abbie Duggar is not following in the footsteps of the other Duggar wives. Here’s what we know about Abbie’s post-baby plans.

Counting On: Abbie and John David Duggar Pregnancy Update

Although the Counting On alums, John David Duggar and Abbie have not said the exact date their daughter will arrive, fans have been able to pinpoint it to a narrow window. The couple wed last November and just nine months later they announced Abbie was pregnant with their first child. Then just three weeks later they revealed they were having a girl. So since gender is determined around twenty weeks, we can safely guess this Duggar baby will make her entrance in January 2020. Certainly, it’s quite a baby boom these last few months for the Duggars.

Counting On’s Abbie Burnett Duggar is now 32 weeks along in her pregnancy. So far she’s had a smooth pregnancy. Abbie a nurse by trade so no doubt she’s very much in tune with what to expect now that she herself is expecting. Abbie and John David shared recently of a new favorite pastime. Seems they enjoy feeling their little girl’s movements. Clearly this couple is enjoying the experience of becoming parents. Recall both Abbie and John David are from large families. So they will no doubt transition to their new roles as parents with ease and grace.

Abbie Duggar Plans To Be A Working Mom

Most of the adult Duggar women featured on Counting On are stay at home mothers. However, Abbie Duggar is not your average Duggar wife. Both she and her husband have more relaxed rules than the other Duggar couples. For starters, the couple waited to their late twenties to marry. Additionally, their courtship rules allowed for move physical expression than John David’s other siblings. Abbie is the only Duggar wife to work outside the home. And from the looks of things, she plans to continue her nursing career after she gives birth.

The Counting On mom to be transferred her Oklahoma nurses license to Arkansas. She’s been keeping up her certifications and continuing education requirements. Although she is currently not working, she is keeping all her options open. This year she focused on her move to Arkansas, her role as wife, traveling with her husband, and preparing for motherhood. Abbie hasn’t set a timeline for reentering the workforce. According to Abbie Duggar, “the focus is on our soon coming arrival, caring for others is always in my heart.” So it could be a few months or a few years but she does intend to be a working mother and not a stay at home mom like her Duggar sisters-in-law.

Counting On: 15 Grandkids…And Counting!

Counting On fans might have lost count on how many grandkids Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar have. With almost half of their adult children now married and starting their own families, the Duggar patriarch and matriarch are likely to have well over 100 grandchildren. The current grandkid count is 15. However, there are two new Duggar granddaughters waiting to be born. Josh Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar are days away from welcoming their sixth child who will be The Duggars’ 16th grandbaby. So, Abbie and John David Duggar’s daughter will bring the total of Duggar grandbabies to a whoping 17. Certainly, with this big of a family, we can only assume 2020 will bring more babies than just John and Abbie Duggar’s daughter.

New Counting On episodes air every Tuesday at 9 pm on TLC.

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