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‘Botched’ Doctors Refuse To Amputate This Twerker’s Messed Up Butt

by Iyzklez
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Courtney is a big booty cutie that wanted to downsize her backside on the latest episode of “Botched,” but Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow’s only suggestion to fix all the junk in her trunk was to amputate the whole thing.

The Miami resident told the doctors that she repeatedly got butt injections in an effort to fix the complications she was having from the second set of injections. After all the injections came to an end (bad pun), she had hydrogel injected into her buttocks a total of six times.

Dr. Dubrow explained that “Hydrogel is a synthetic polymer, called polyacrylamide. Which is a gel that, when injected into the body, attracts water and gets incorporated into the tissue.”

He continued to describe that the incorporation of the substance can sometimes cause “significant immunologic reaction” among other dangerous effects.

Dr. Dubrow Won’t Amputate

When he finally got Courtney in the exam room, he was floored by her butt and said she was lucky that her health was not seriously affected. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif took turns feeling her backside and noted that there were several hard parts underneath her skin and the whole booty was discolored.

“Because the masses are so superficially located that you absolutely can’t remove all of them. Unless you basically amputate,” Dr. Dubrow told Courtney.

“Amputate the whole booty?!” the shocked patient exclaimed before Dubrow confirmed, “The whole booty.”

Both Courtney and the doctors agreed that amputation was not the right move and they turned the young lady away without a solution. She was happy to leave the doctor’s office with something back there.

“I’m not doing that, no. I’m not amputating butts,” she told the “Botched” cameras.

Dubrow has denied patients in the past and only performs surgeries where he can minimize the risk.

No Luck For The Butt But He Fixed Some Boobs

Although there was nothing Dr. Dubrow could do for the twerker’s messed up butt, he was able to fix Michelle’s way too big, saggy breast implants.

Michelle had the “mommy makeover” after the birth of her two daughters but her implants were more than she asked for. “I was completely unhappy,” Michelle said as she detailed that her botched surgery.

She gained over 120 pounds before getting the gastric sleeve surgery. Michelle ended up losing the weight but was left with implants that were way too big and that sagged to her belly button.

Dr. Dubrow suggested that they try a technique that is considered “experimental.”

“If we puncture your implants and suck the fluid out, leaving the bag and the foreign body in there, it’s essentially allowing the tissue to chill and to thicken,” Dubrow explained. “Wait a bit of time…and then in one stage, go in take the implants out, close the pocket off. Do whatever we need to do.”

In the end, the doctor gave himself nine gold stars and a pat on the back for having a successful surgery that left Michelle a great pair that do not sag and that fit her body.

Terry Makes Fun of Paul’s Man Boobs

The interpersonal communication between Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif is what separates “Botched” from your everyday slasher flick but on the latest episode, Dubrow may have gone too far.

One of the show’s segments featured Dr. Nassif showing his co-star a shirtless video of his golf swing.

“Why are you shirtless?” Dubrow asked upon immediately seeing the video.

Nassif explained that he had just worked out but then Terry zoomed in on his gut.

“Are you kidding me,” Dubrow joked, “you let yourself go.”

The doctor ended up giving Nassif’s video a score and his belly did not score well.

“Skill level 3, style level 2, but the boobs are a 10,” Terry told the confessional camera.

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