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Bella Poarch finally addresses the Tyga sex tape rumours

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Bella has finally answered THAT burning question about her and Tyga…

Bella Poarch has addressed the rumours that she made a sex tape with rapper Tyga.

In case you missed it, the rumours started after Bella filmed a TikTok video alongside Tyga in September last year. The pair made videos dancing to his songs and in the background of the clip, you can see a house, which apparently is Tyga’s Los Angeles mansion.

A few weeks after the TikTok videos were posted, a sex tape of two people that were allegedly Tyga and Bella leaked from OnlyFans. Fans speculated that it was recorded shortly after they had been hanging out on TikTok.

Now, there was no actual evidence that the two people in the sex tape were Tyga or Bella, but that didn’t stop the internet from running with it.

Neither Bella or Tyga responded to the rumours at the time, but now Bella has basically confirmed that it was all just a rumour. The TikTok star was taking part in the 2 Truths and a Lie Challenge on TikTok, whereby the user has to highlight one lie and two truths about themselves.

Bella’s line-up included: “Griffin Johnson tried to slide into my DMs, I made a sx tape with Tyga and I was adopted.” She highlighted the “I made a sx tape with Tyga” part in red, meaning that it was all a lie.

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