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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Will Billy Brown’s Last Ditch Effort Prove Futile?

by Iyzklez
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Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown negotiated another season with the Discovery Channel but some fans think it’s a doomed show. Many of the show’s fans don’t hold out too much hope for what the Alaskan Bush People offer this season in the form of entertainment. While other fans can’t wait for more episodes to come out.

Critiques emerged offering words like “grave prognosis” and “doomed” to describe the direction the show is headed. These less-than-stellar reviews popped up ahead of the new Alaskan Bush People season premiere. But just what is this all based on?

Alaskan Bush People: Journey of Billy Brown Drastically Changed

It seems Billy Brown and his wolfpack’s original journey drew the fans in. But that journey changed drastically over the seasons. As more and more information surfaced regarding Billy Brown and his clan, fans thought they’ve been dupped.

Billy Brown, Ami Brown, and their seven kids make up the Brown wolfpack. When Alaskan Bush People first started, viewers were invited to watch a family successfully living life off-grid. According to the original reports, this family was in the bush for years. Then the reality show cameras infiltrated their world.

What the fans didn’t know at the beginning of the series is that it was the other way around. The cameras weren’t visiting the Alaskan Bush People already in years of progress. No, reports today indicate the family’s Alaskan compound might have been created for the sake of the reality show. Fans think that Billy created Browntown in the wilderness of Alaska only so they could film the show.

Alaskan Bush People fans eventually started believing not everything was real. Despite knowing that Billy’s family didn’t always live in the wilderness,’ they continued watching anyway. Sure, some viewers dropped off but many more stayed. By this time they really liked the show so they stuck with it.

Strange, Odd, and a Bit Bizarre?
Many fans find some of the Alaskan Bush People characters endearing. Others see them as strange and rather weird at times, especially when it comes to a few of Billy’s adult children. Starting with Bear Brown who often steals the show.

Whether Bear Brown is like this in real life or not, he’s known to partake in bizarre antics. The stuff he does on camera at times drops jaws around the nation’s living rooms. One minute he’s swinging through the trees. The next minute he’s demonstrating his grooming techniques in a river. It looks like Bear is a real study for some fans.

The offspring of Billy Brown tend to have their own accent. The Brown kids sound almost British at times but with a strange twang to it. While they also entertain the fans with bizarre and sometimes dangerous inventions. Some fans like this, while others think it’s getting old.

From what many fans suggest today, the Alaskan Bush People lost a good deal of their entertainment value. They no longer film in Alaska for one thing. Then the days of watching Billy Brown and his brood use make-shift tools to put up make-shift dwellings are long gone.

Today they have power towels, a bulldozer, and lumber delivered to build with. Sure, they’ll pull out a rifle and hunt for food now and then. But they also make trips to the local stores.

Today the Discover Channel promotes the Alaskan Bush People as a family attempting to make their own off-grid town. But reinventing the premise of the show may not do much to entice the fans as the new season draws near. Hopefully, some of the changes will attract new viewers.

Alaskan Bush People: Add More Characters

It seems Alaskan bush People created new family members in the form of daughters-in-law and babies. This might act as their last saving grace as folks could tune in to see the additions to the family, according to one critic.

Then there’s Bear Brown who is expecting a baby with his ex, Raiven Adams. But within just a few weeks’ span they’ve split, reunited and split again. It should make for interesting television and boost the ratings.

Raiven Adams and Bear kept the show in the headlines over the last several weeks. But even that grew old for the fans. One report warns fans to “prepare for sustainable boredom”.

So the Alaskan Bush People started out exciting but eventually, fans learned about the Billy Brown family having regular homes in suburbia. While creating tools of their own in the beginning, power tools finally made their way into their lives.

Then forging and hunting for food gave way to supermarkets. Even the location changed from Alaska to Washington State. So it looks like the show might near the end of their long run, or at least that’s what some of the critics say.

The Discovery Channel rolls out a new season of Billy Brown and his Alaskan Bush People brood on Wednesday, December 4 at 8 pm EST.

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