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‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Atz Kilcher Shares Special Breakfast Recipe

by Iyzklez
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If anybody knows the value of the most important meal of the day, it’s Atz Kilcher, as the “Alaska: The Last Frontier” star gets an early start in the morning before heading out to a hard-working day on the family’s homestead. Atz, who is the father of singer Jewel, has been showcasing his cooking skills in Instagram videos, and shared a breakfast recipe over the weekend for a meal he created that mashes up intense flavors of elk, bacon and raspberry!

Atz filmed his breakfast preparation in a two-part video, one documenting the prep and the other showcasing him enjoying the meal.

“Another two part breakfast cooking show with Alaska’s most renowned Homestead chef Autze Keelsher!! For the first time shares his special recipe for beef bacon – elk breakfast sausage, ginger, blueberry, raspberry , ‘fennel framboir’!”

Atz put on an excellent instructional which showed him frying up some bacon and elk sausage. He then chops up some onions, cilantro and fennel, as well as slices up some lemons.

“Just a little bit of lemon … because I love lemon, and nobody said I can’t put lemon in here!”

Atz garnished his breakfast up with some apples, blueberries and raspberries, and even cooked up two eggs to go along. The finished product looked delicious and colorful and was packed with all sorts of fresh ingredients.

He digs into the meal and gives it two thumbs up. “Well, I tell ya what … this has got some flavors in it.”

“Beef, bacon, elk burger, blueberries, raspberry, onion, carrots, cilantro — crunchy, different flavors different textures. That’s what I’m talking about, this is homestead cooking right here.”

Fans of Chef Kilcher immediately weighed in with positive messages about how good the food looked, and many suggested he should start his own cooking show!

“Hmmmm, you can almost smell it through the phone,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Keep these little videos coming Chief! They sketch your character for us. It’s real! Good work,” another applauded.

A third fan wrote, “Kilcher family homestead meals..I’ll buy that for sure! Delicious.”

One person couldn’t get over all the flavor he packed into the meal:

“Holy crap!! Sweet and savory together?! Oh man! I need to branch out perhaps. I usually pick just sweet, or just savory separately. This is like a power packed bowl of goodness!”

His Other Dishes

Sharing his recipes online gives Atz a chance to showcase his cooking using ingredients found in his own backyard, and some ingredients he brought back from hunting trips. He recently shared a few meals using meat from a Black Bear.

“I’m a simple man. Beans and blackbear meat with cabbage and carrots homegrown tarragon cilantro top with blueberry jam from Johnathan in Florida, and black currant jam made by my Bonnie, and raspberries from MexicoI’m hunkering down for the night, back in Alaska.”

A few days later he showed off a stew he had made using the bear meat.

“You can tell I am batching it. Fourth night of this blackbear and bean stew, but keeps getting better. Tonight I fried up some of @scottdickerson Beef bacon chopped it up and put it in here and boy what flavor! I’m going to keep posting about my and Sierras healing retreat in Denver, keep spreading the word it’s going to be great. Old and young male and female, both on the healing journey.”

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