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’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio de Sousa still together? Did the ’90 Day Fiance’ couple get married?

by Iyzklez
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90 Day Fiance couple Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio de Sousa are starting their lives together in the United States, as shown on Season 7 of the series, but did the couple’s relationship last — did Juliana and Michael get married, and are they still together?

[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading now if you don’t want to find out whether Michael and Juliana got married and the current status of the 90 Day Fiance couple’s relationship. This article also reveals where they are currently living, either together or separately.]

Michael, a 41-year-old independent and self-employed wine entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT, and Juliana, a 23-year-old from Goiania, Brazil, are one of the couple starring on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance, which premiered November 3 on TLC.

Michael imports and distributes wine and works at wine auctions. He’s apparently a wealthy man who’s part of a jet-setting social group.

Michael said he attends lavish parties all over the world, travels frequently, has multiple sports cars and an impressive guitar collection.

During a big yacht party in Croatia, Michael met Juliana, an international model, and there was an instant attraction.

“I remember when I first saw her,” Michael told the camera during the debut episode of 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season “She’s beautiful, amazing body — I don’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, but it’s like we were kindred spirits.”

Once Michael and Juliana got to know each other, Michael said he realized she was funny, thoughtful and smart. He was amazed she was only 20 years old.

“There are certainly a lot of people that may pass judgment [and] may think I’m just an old sleazy, rich guy going after a young hot woman,” Michael said. “It doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t really care.”

Michael admitted when it became time to return to America, it was really hard to say goodbye to Juliana.

“We had such a connection — it was just the beginning of something really beautiful,” Michael noted.

Juliana, a former seamstress, was discovered by a modeling agency, and Michael pledged to support her financially in any way that he can.

Michael therefore gave Juliana access to his credit cards. Michael admitted he had spent no small amount of money on her, but he wanted to give Juliana the world.

Michael was hoping Juliana could visit him in the United States shortly after they met, but that plan apparently fell through because her intentions were questioned. Juliana said she was asked whether she had been working as a prostitute for 10 years.

When Juliana was denied a Tourist Visa, Michael realized obtaining a K-1 visa would be the only way she could come to America — so he proposed marriage and planned to marry her within 90 days of her visit.

As a result, Michael and Juliana had to wait for the K-1 visa to be approved, and Michael almost lost hope a couple times due to the amount of time it was taking.

Michael once considered packing up his things and moving to Brazil to be with the love of his life, but he’s a father of two children and couldn’t leave them behind.

Michael splits custody of his children, Max and Cece, with his ex-wife.

Michael and Juliana hadn’t talked much about how things were going to be or what was going to happen once she arrived in America, so he anticipated daily life might be a struggle or at least a huge adjustment for them at first.

“While the time they have spent together has been fun and exciting, Juliana has only seen pieces of Michael’s life, but not the full scope of his responsibilities, including two kids with his ex-wife,” TLC said in a description of the couple.

“Michael thinks bringing Juliana to the U.S. will be big a reality check. She will have to leave her jet-setting lifestyle behind her, coordinate responsibilities with his ex-wife, and understand that Michael’s financial support isn’t limitless.”

Michael’s ex-wife said she’s protective of her kids and admitted she didn’t really want Juliana to be a stepmother to the kids.

Michael didn’t know what to expect, and he wasn’t even sure Juliana would get along with his children, so the stakes were huge and Michael definitely had his fair share of concerns.

The premiere of 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season showed Juliana saying her visa interview was in one week. In the meantime, Michael bought a house so Juliana and his children would have more room once he and Juliana were able to reunite.

The house was close to Michael’s ex-wife, but Michael was hoping that would be okay with Juliana.

Michael said he and his ex-wife Sarah dated young and welcomed children young and they eventually grew apart. They apparently became very different people once they got older but were able to remain close friends.

Michael worried Juliana might not accept his close relationship with his ex-wife.

And Sarah was concerned Juliana was with Michael for his money, but Sarah told the cameras she’d have to trust Michael’s decisions, as long as he’d keep their children as his top priority.

Michael didn’t anticipate Juliana would take on “a mother role” in America, but Sarah still feared she’d be a huge disruption in her children’s lives. Sarah also said being around kids can stress someone out, especially since the kids would argue Juliana has no authority over them.

“It will be a rude awakening… and I worry about it,” Sarah told the cameras.

Michael said the chances of Juliana leaving him once she comes to the United States were “extremely small,” but there was no telling what might happen.

The second episode of the series featured Michael picking out a piece of jewelry for Juliana. He called himself “a very sentimental person” and Juliana “modest,” so he wanted to spoil her with affection. He hoped she would be happy to be in America and this would be a great way to kick off her stay.

Michael ended up designing a custom necklace for $4,000 in yellow gold, complete with a ruby, a sapphire, an emerald and more. Michael wanted to tie in the colors of the Brazilian and American flags.

Michael admitted to the cameras he had no idea how much money he had spent on Juliana throughout the years. When a producer asked if the amount was around $150,000, Michael refused to comment.

While Michael was in the jewelry store, Juliana called him on the phone because she was having trouble with one of his credit cards. Apparently, it was maxed out.

Michael said he wanted to take care of Juliana and ensure she’d have groceries and such, but he said sometimes her judgment with spending was “questionable” and she had even just purchased a car on his credit card.

Juliana said buying a car was “unexpected” and didn’t really make sense because she was about to move to the United States in a few weeks. He wanted Juliana to “respect the value of things and the value of working hard.”

“These things have their limits,” Michael noted.

“Apparently not,” said the man behind the counter at the jewelry store with a laugh.

The day before Juliana’s interview in Rio de Janeiro for the K-1 visa, Michael boarded an overnight flight so he could be there for and support his future wife. Michael said he loved everything about Juliana in that she’s beautiful, funny, smart, and thoughtful.

When the pair reunited in a hotel room, Juliana gushed about how much she missed Michael. They had spent one month apart, and Juliana was so happy to have her best friend by her side again.

Juliana was feeling “nervous” for her interview because she wanted everything to be okay. Juliana asked Michael not to give up on her, even if they’d have to spend more time apart. She tried to remain positive, however, that she’d soon work and live in the United States.

When it became time for Juliana’s interview, Michael was very nervous she may be denied for a K-1 visa.

Michael said she was in a “high-risk” category considering she’s young and from a poor part of Brazil. Juliana also had a lot of stamps in her passport, and so there would be concern her desire to come to America would be so she can be involved in “illicit activities.”

Juliana hoped Michael would no longer have to pay to fly to see her every month, and both individuals were hoping for the best. However, cameras were not permitted inside the consulate.

After the interview, Juliana said it was “bad” and they had insulted her.

“They just asked stupid questions. They asked me if I had been working as a prostitute the last 10 years,” Juliana revealed in a confessional.

Michael didn’t think it was right for Juliana to be asked that question, and he confirmed, “No, she’s not a prostitute!” Michael said it’s normal for young models to travel the world and party with wealthy people.

“I’m a model and I’m professional, so of course I’ve been to many countries,” Juliana told the cameras.

Michael called it “ridiculous” and planned to consult with his lawyer over that “upsetting” interview.

“What does that make me? A pimp?… I don’t need to [pay for sex],” Michael vented to Juliana, before she called the process “a nightmare.”

Michael said he had been extremely naive with women his whole life and had his fair share of heartbreak, but he didn’t feel like he was marrying someone he didn’t know.

Michael needed a police-clearance document to show Juliana had no criminal history, so that seemed to be the last roadblock standing in their way of obtaining a K-1 visa.

However, Juliana had already been denied two tourist visas to come to the United States, so he was thinking there would be a 50/50 chance of her K-1 visa being accepted.

Michael and Juliana needed to discuss what would happen if she was denied a K-1 visa. He said they had been living in a fantasy land and needed to do some real soul-searching in order to make some tough decisions.

Juliana said they might have to move to Brazil or London, but she realized it might be impossible because Michael wouldn’t give up his children for basically a stranger whom he had met two years earlier.

Juliana wasn’t sure how important she really was to Michael, and the idea of him leaving her made her burst into tears.

Michael began to question whether there was something in Juliana’s history he didn’t know about that would make him be wary of their relationship and future together.

The latest episode of 90 Day Fiance featured Michael anxiously awaiting the results of Juliana’s K-1 visa interview once he returned to the United States.

Michael was then shown watching a video Juliana had sent him in which she was showing off her K-1 visa paperwork, revealing her visa had been approved and she’d be moving to the United States so they could wed in 90 days.

Michael said it felt “surreal” Juliana would finally be able to come to America, and he was beyond thrilled.

Michael wanted Juliana’s arrival in the United States to be as special as possible, so he bought a bouquet of flowers and headed to the airport in a big white Hummer limousine. Michael joked that he thought about riding in a helicopter but it was out of his budget. He wanted Juliana to feel excited, happy and comfortable.

Michael was “a little nervous” about the steps that had to be taken next, but that all seemed to disappear when the couple reunited in the airport and kissed and hugged. Juliana was crying tears of joy, and she said it felt “amazing.”

Michael said their wildest dreams had come true and he couldn’t believe the love of his life was finally in America. Juliana was shocked to see the limo and said she was “so lucky” and had “the best man in the world.”

Michael then popped some champagne in the back of the limo with a bottle from 1996, which was Juliana’s birth year. He welcomed her to America with all the bells and whistles, including the beautiful necklace, and Juliana took photos of the New York skyline as they drove to Connecticut.

Juliana grew up very poor and had worked as a seamstress, so she was just blown away by the life Michael was offering her. Michael told Juliana that she deserved the absolute best and he loved her so much.

Juliana loved the culture in America and couldn’t wait to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.

Juliana was later introduced to Michael’s children. Although Michael had faith Max and Cece would like Juliana, he acknowledged Juliana can be shy and not very open about her feelings.

However, the meeting went well. The kids thought Juliana was really pretty and their father was a “really lucky guy.”

The kids had made Juliana a “welcome home” cake with gummy bears on it as well as breakfast. Juliana said Max seemed smart and Cece appeared to love her immediately, so all was good in the world!

But did the highs of that moment last?

Are Juliana and Michael still together? Did the 90 Day Fiance couple get married?
Juliana posted a video of herself giving a makeup tutorial in mid-November and Max and Cece were featured in the video!

As Juliana did her makeup on-camera, Max offered hilarious commentary on how to get the job done. He even called a small foundation sponge “a radish.”

The trio seem to get along beautifully, and Max even called Juliana his “stepmom,” suggesting Michael and Juliana got married. This video also seems to prove Juliana is still living in the United States.

According to several photos that leaked online, Michael and Juliana did in fact get married!

A pal of Michael’s high-school friend recently leaked a few photos from Michael and Juliana’s wedding.

“Mike and his now wife Juliana, 20 year age difference, are on 90 Day Fiance… Clay will be on some episodes including the wedding which they also filmed,” the person wrote of Clay, who’s apparently Michael’s high-school friend, on social media.

“Mike told Clay they originally tried to make him a villain and he said no then I’m not doing the show so they didn’t do that to him. Clay said it’s pretty staged… Clay is going to Mike’s house Sunday for a viewing party.”

According to this person, Mike’s ex-wife Sarah actually officiated the marriage ceremony for Michael and Juliana.

Juliana wore a ballgown with a lace bodice, long sleeves and a tiara on her wedding day, while Michael wore a traditional tuxedo with a bow tie.

Not only were there photos of Michael and Juliana together at the reception, but an additional photo also leaked online showing the married couple posing with Michael’s two children, his ex-wife, and another man.

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