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’90 Day Fiance’: Jesse Meester and Caesar Mack’s Maria Flirt Online – New Couple in the Making?

by Iyzklez
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90 Day Fiance stars Jesse Meester and Caesar Mack‘s ex-girlfriend Maria have been sparking romance rumors lately. The TLC celebs spent some quality time together in Barcelona, Spain. While there, the two seemed to have bonded well as evident on their social media posts. Now, Jesse and Maria are all over each other online, exchanging flirty comments online.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester & Maria Closer Than Ever

Looks like Maria (Caesar Mack’s former girlfriend) and Jesse Meester could be taking their friendship to the next level. The 90 Day Fiance cast members seem to connect quite well. This is despite the fact that they have only met earlier this week.

By the looks of it, Maria and the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Jesse Meester did not waste time and have gotten really close already. The pair appeared comfortable with each other and isn’t ashamed to show it. They even flirted online multiples times for everyone to see.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester – Maria
Maria & Jesse’s Flirty Exchange On Instagram

In his latest post, Jesse Meester shared a photo of himself looking sexy on his motorcycle. The 90 Day Fiance star instantly caught the eye of his followers, particularly the ladies. But Maria blocked other women from getting between her and Jesse.

Maria playfully called the attention of Jesse Meester with a comment suggesting that she’s interested in him. “You going to blow my mind with this pic,” Maria wrote along with a drooling face emoji. And when a female fan jokingly called Jesse Meester “he mine,” Maria quickly fired back with a feisty “nope,” implying that the Dutch model is hers.

90 Day Fiance: Are Maria & Darcey’s Ex Jesse Into Each Other?

This is not the first time that Caesar Mack’s ex-girlfriend, Maria, and Jesse Meester flirted online. Just recently, the 90 Day Fiance celebs publicly exchanged suggestive comments. During their trip to the beach, Jesse joked about wanting to buy Viagra from a drug dealer while with Maria.

Jesse posted the encounter online and Maria played along. “Pretty nice viagra next to you,” Maria commented, obviously referring to herself. Jesse Meester reciprocated the flirting with, “Viagra on the rocks,” seemingly agreeing to Maria.

Fans Feel Sorry For Caesar Mack
Meanwhile, some couldn’t help but feel sorry for Caesar Mack. The 90 Day Fiance star has been pursuing Maria for years but failed miserably. The nail artist definitely struggled with their one-sided romance as documented on the show. Caesar’s relationship with Maria drained him financially and took a toll on him emotionally.

Previously, Caesar spent almost his entire life savings to be with Maria in Mexico. He even prepared a romantic proposal for her. Unfortunately, Maria doesn’t show up and even broke up with him over the phone.

90 Day Fiance: Would Jesse & Maria Make A Good Couple?

Now that Maria seemingly takes a liking to Jesse Meester, many are wondering if they’ll consider getting together as a couple. The 90 Day Fiance stars appeared to have a lot of things in common. Their chemistry is also undeniable.

It’s no secret that Maria is no longer with Caesar Mack, so she’s free to date anyone she likes. Jesse however, said that there’s someone special in his life right now. Will Jesse Meester and Maria make a good couple? If so, will they actually last?

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