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by Iyzklez
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Brad Pitt is not moving on from Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie with Alia Shawkat, despite a false tabloid report. A magazine claims the movie star is going from “A-list royalty” to the “girl next door.” The entire report is fabricated.

Last week, several outlets wrongly speculated that Pitt and Shawkat are dating simply because the two have attended many of the same events in recent months, including a comedy show and an art exhibit in Los Angeles. It should be noted, the actor and the Arrested Development star didn’t attend these events by themselves, but were accompanied by a group of other friends. Pitt’s rep told Gossip Cop on the record there’s no romance between the pair, and this was confirmed by trusted outlets like People magazine, E! News and Entertainment Tonight.

This week’s issue of Star has jumped from speculation into full-on fiction, dragging Pitt’s famous exes into the fold in the process. “He’s finally found someone he connects with,” a supposed source tells the magazine. The idea he married two women he didn’t “connect with” is illogical, but the alleged insider adds, “Brad was a big fan of Arrested Development, and always thought Alia was someone to watch. He’s telling friends she’s one of the most interesting women he’s met in LA in a very long time. He likes that she’s smart and opinionated and knows something about any topic you bring up.”

The questionable tipster adds, “Alia isn’t a vapid, fame-seeking actress looking to latch on to a famous star. She’s her own person.” It’s unclear if this is a subtle dig at both Aniston and Jolie, but since the article is about Pitt finding love with a “down-to-earth” woman, it certainly seems that way. The tipster also somehow knows how Shawkat feels about the movie star, who’s 20 years her senior. “She’s never dated someone his age before, but it’s not a problem for her,” says the questionable source.

From there, the unknown insider says Aniston isn’t happy about the news, and while Pitt hasn’t introduced Shawkat to Jolie or his kids yet, he thinks it should happen at some point. “He does actually think Angelina and Alia will get along. And he thinks his kids will love her.” For whatever reason, the tabloid also throws George Clooney into the mix, claiming he gave Pitt his blessing.

“Relationships are hard enough, and Brad comes with a lot of baggage,” adds the seemingly imaginary insider. “We all think he and Alia have a good shot. They make a great couple, and we’re excited for this romance to blossom.”

Gossip Cop can confirm that Pitt and Shawkat still aren’t dating, and the claim otherwise is no more accurate now that it’s been plastered on the cover of Star. We should also mentioned, the two stars did get together for Kanye West’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week, but they were joined by several other pals at the event, including Australian rocker Nick Cave. Following the outing, People magazine once again noted that Pitt and Shawkat remain “just friends.” The reliable publication added, “He has a large group of artist friends that he hangs out with. Several are women, but he isn’t dating them.”

Meanwhile, Star is hardly reliable when it comes to the movie star’s love life. This latest piece says he’s been dating Shawkat for several months, but the magazine claimed in September that Pitt had taken Aniston on a romantic trip to Mexico. That report wasn’t true either, but it goes to show how the tabloid has trouble keeping track of its bogus storylines.

Back in May, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Pitt was developing a romance with Margot Robbie, his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star. In reality, the actress is happily married. This latest saga involving Shawkat is more nonsense.

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