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‘1000-LB Sisters’ Star Amy Slaton Shows Off Photos Of Her Amazing Transformation!

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‘1000-LB Sisters’ star Amy Slaton is showing off her amazing transformation after dropping over 100 lbs, and she is also revealing a gigantic secret!

The reality star is sharing new shocking photos with fans of the show to promote the upcoming second season of the TLC hit, ‘1000 LB Sisters’ and she looks amazing!

In the new season, Amy reveals the ongoing struggle to help her sister Tammy become eligible for weight loss surgery and begin her own journey to a healthy weight. But, Amy just threw a giant wrench into the mix — She is PREGNANT!

As you can see, Amy is half the person she used to be and continues to drop weight in the months following weight loss surgery. But, she is about to put a few more back on after announcing she and her husband Michael are expecting their first child!

“Having a baby means the world to me, it’s everything I’ve always wanted,” she says in Season 2 tease, explaining that she accidently got pregnant just four months after completing bariatric surgery.

In the clip, Amy explains the doctor told her to weight for some time to heal before having kids. “He told me to wait two years,” she said. Adding, “Oops!”

The next few episodes will take everyone on a journey of dealing with this pregnancy, including the real possibility of complications due to weight loss surgery.

Amy’s sister, Tammy expresses concern, saying, “Amy got pregnant way too soon after surgery. It could possibly kill her in the end.”

The good news, it’s obvious from these photos that Amy is keeping the weight off and is showing mind-blowing progress on the weight loss front. Unfortunately, sister Tammy is having a rough time staying on the same path and reveals she recently fell off the wagon.

As you can see, it doesn’t look like Tammy is near the goal weight to have the surgery — and admits during the Season 2 trailer “I had reached Dr. Procter’s goal for surgery, but I’ve fallen off the wagon.” The women visit the doctor who tells her point-blank, “No more excuses.” Shockingly, the doctor tells Tammy her chance of dying from complications from her weight, in the next 5 years, is around 80 percent!

A bit more drama is tossed into the mix after Tammy’s boyfriend shows up and gets into it with Amy, making for some great reality television! We can’t wait!

The new season of 1000-Lb. Sisters premieres Monday, January 4 on TLC.

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